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CYNOS Ultimum Color Cream combines natural fruit oil and keratin nourishing ingredients for a radiant, long-lasting color. The natural fruit oil and keratin is pre-mixed in the Color Cream formula to make preparation even easier: CYNOS Ultimum Color Cream nourishes as it colors to protect your hair.

CYNOS Ultimum Color Cream spreads easily and won't drip. It smells delicious: its fresh and fruity fragrance makes using CYNOS Ultimum color cream a pleasant and unique experience. The Nourishing After Color now contains 2 times more natural oil to protect your hair from drying out, leaving it soft and shiny from root to tip.

Even after several weeks, your color looks fresh and radiant, and your hair stays looking nourished for a better color result. Grey hair is covered 100% from root to tip.

Category: Ultimum/CYNOS

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