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Creating an Image for Your Salon

As a salon owner, you may spend thousands of dollars on advertising, equipment and freebies to attract more customers, but if they are not satisfied, they won't come to your salon for a second time. Salon business success relies on regular customers. On the other hand, the best promotion for a salon is to have polite, considerate and attractive employees ensuring that every customer has an comfortable visit. You certainly want to leave customers with a favorable impression of your salon. Building the perfect staff begins with the hiring process. Staff your salon with friendly, attractive, nice looking person. Allow your employees to use the salon equipment for free. By doing this you can achieve two benefits: they will have a better look and will know more about how equipment work. Make sure your employees are well trained. Because customers don't know how exactly the services work. They will feel more comfortable if employees can answer their questions in a confident way.

Salon Location

The location is probably the most important factor in the success or failure of a salon. For years we've heard about the importance of location. When choosing a location, many large companies spend huge money on studies for the information they need before the final decision is made. As is most often the case, we do not have the money for a study that will help us to make a salon location decision. So you have to decide where to open a salon depending on your own situation, goals and objectives. Bear in mind that your services are attractive to people who want to have a better look or improve their personal profile. For these people, looking nice is their top concern. the better your salon looks, the more comfortable customers feel and the more likely they will come to your salon for a second time.

Salon Layout and Design

The design and decor of a salon greatly influence the buying decisions of customers. When a customer come in for the first time, lots of things may contribute to his first impression. The first things is the reception of the salon. The customer feels well If the attendant is considerate and gives an impression of being knowledgeable about the salon services. Almost everything in a salon can encourage or discourage initial or repeat business from potential customers. When deciding the features of the salon facility, be with a sense of purpose. Choose materials for specific reasons. The most important considerations in the design of a salon are space utilization and layout, decor and furnishing, lighting, color collocation and environmental control. Successful integration of these factors will result in a healthy and pleasant salon. The layout of a salon should be designed to facilitate the flow of traffic. The reception area is better located directly in the middle, allowing the customers quick and easy access back to the desk. Waiting areas should be comfortable and should be supplied with some sort of diversion.

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