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Become a CYNOS Salon

CYNOS greatly values mutual trust and benefits. As CYNOS people, we are enthusiastic, imaginative and creative. At the bottom of our hearts there is a dream, that is to support you in every possible way to help realize your salon dream. Professional partnership is a bridge connecting you and us. We are convinced that with joint efforts we will achieve mutual success.

A long line of excellent CYNOS hair care products + CYNOS salon supplies and accessories + Professional CYNOSURE Education (technical & theoretical) +Professional salon visualization identification = Your Salon Business Success. More than 3,000 salons worldwide have successfully cooperated with our Salon Program. Join us and become a CYNOS salon. We will support you in every possible way to help you make your salon dream come true.

Professional Salon Accessories (SA) are specially designed to enable your salon to offer better Salon Services. CYNOS makes SA available at much lower prices, but are of high quality. We believe that Professional Salon Accessories promise good salon services. Only good salon services can win good reputation.
As a fashion leader, CYNOS keeps pace with the latest technologies every day. That is why you can find an exclusive list of newly-launched salon product available here. All you have to do is to login and place your order, and we will do the rest for you.
Inspired by the notion of low-carbon economy(LCE), CYNOS dedicates itself to providing you with fancy gadgets that are of low consumption and low noise, making hairdressing a pleasant and stress free process.

Professional consultations never fail to boom your salon business. If you want to know more about our Salon Program, feel free contract us. If you come up with any new ideas or suggestions, feel free to tell us. We are always ready with professional solutions to meet your specific needs.

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