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CYNOS is derived from the word Cynosure which signifies the ambition to lead the way to fashion. CYNOS is also interpreted as CY.N.O.S., (Cycle, Nature, Origin, System), which became the company's core and commitment to society.
The brand CYNOS was born in 1993 in Korea, considered as the leading fashion trend setter in Asia. In 2007, CYNOS set up its distribution in Germany conquering the high land of the hair beauty industry. And in 2010, CYNOS was acquired by Colornow Canada Limited and an exclusive R&D laboratory was established as well. This has been the milestone for CYNOS as it marked its up-to-date research and study of the latest and most advanced technology in hair cosmetics. It evolved through the years and is now widely distributed in Germany, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa,Morocco, Syria, China, and the Philippines. 



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